Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction:

IELTS-Tricks privacy policy mainly revolves around the protection of the privacy of our website users. We always prioritize the safety of our visitors. In our privacy policy, we will explain in detail how your personal information is treated by us.

  1. Collection of Personal Information:

We might store your computer’s information when you visit our website. The information includes your computer’s IP address, computer location, and browser-related functionalities.

We also store the information you provide us when registering or signing up at our website. This information includes the email address and the name you provided during registration.

  1. Usage of Personal Information:

We might use your data in a number of means. We might use it to change it to make it suitable for you. We also allow you to make use of our services with your provided information. We also use your email to send you notifications and messages regarding our services and products. We will also send emails notifying you of any updates in our privacy policy. We can also use your information to deal with complaints and issues with our website.

And we make absolutely sure that none of your personal information is given to any third party without your consent and permission.

  1. Disclose of Personal Information:

We might disclose your personal in only a few cases: If we are required by law to give out your personal information or if there is a powerful legal party involved. To make it clear, we will not disclose your information to anyone at all but only the legal parties and the governing bodies.

As mentioned above, we won’t supply out any information to any third party.

  1. Storage of Personal Information:

We will not store any part of your personal information for longer than the required period of time. Though, if required by law we will retain your information or if there are any legal issues. Otherwise, we will not keep your personal information with us after our work is done.

  1. Security of Personal Information:

We will keep your personal information on a secured server of ours. It will not be accessible to any other parties. We will also take all necessary precautions to prevent the misuse or loss of your personal information. Our first priority is to safeguard your information. All the financial transactions made with us will be encrypted using a tested and safe technology.

  1. Rights of the Visitors:

You may ask for your information back at any time and it will be provided to you right away without any complications. If you wish, you can also ask to stop using your information for any advertising or marketing purposes. We will make it absolutely sure that your rights are not violated at IETLS-Tricks.

  1. Usage of Cookies:

A cookie is a string containing letters and numbers, which is stored by the browser for a certain period of time. If you want to delete the cookies of your particular session, you can do so in the browser settings. You may allow or refuse the use of cookies. The refusal of the usage of cookies might refrain you from using all the services of our website. That is why we recommend you allow the use of cookies. It won’t provide any harm to your personal information.

Contact Information:

For any further inquiries and questions, feel free to contact us at our email address That is published on our website.