IELTS Writing Tips and Tricks

IELTS Writing Tips and Tricks

IELTS Writing Tips and Tricks

IELTS Writing Tips and Tricks

IELTS Writing tips and tricks for you to get a 7+ band score on the test. It is thought by many students that there are too many tips and tricks to learn for IELTS writing test. But, the fact is there are only a handful of tips which actually work. And we will tell you what those top IELTS writing tips and tricks:

  1. Word Counting
  2. Strong vocabulary
  3. Formal Writing
  4. Time Management
  5. Fulfill all the requirements
  6. Planning
  7. Writing Stucture
  8. Don’t forget the Conclusion

1) Word Counting:

This IELTS Writing tip is a very important one. On the IELTS test, you have to write up to a certain limit and if you write fewer words than the limit, you will be penalized. That is why it is very crucial for you to keep a count of words for all the tasks. Even when you are writing at home, make sure that you are counting the words that you have written. This IELTS Writing practice will surely help you to get good scores in the test.

2) Strong Vocabulary:

A poor vocabulary always leads to poor band score in the test. Therefore, you must keep this IELTS Writing trick in your mind while doing the test and use strong vocabulary. You can improve your vocabulary by reading books and looking up synonyms for different words. A powerful vocabulary shows the examiner that you have a great knowledge of the language and this benefits your IELTS result. Make it an IELTS Writing practice to look for synonyms for all the words you use in your daily life. This will enhance your vocabulary drastically.

3) Formal Writing:

You must keep this IELTS Writing tip in your head while attempting the test. Refrain from using any slang words, because it puts a negative impact on your performance. Always use proper words and format. The examiner always prefers those students who write more formally, and writing informally will just result in a poor score. If you are used to write slang words in your daily life, then you should practice daily replacing those improper words with the formal ones. This IELTS Writing practice will help you put a good impression on the examiner and will also increase your scores.

4) Time Management:

This is another very useful IELTS Writing trick for the test. Managing your time accurately can be tough sometimes, but it is a must for every student to do on the test. If you fail to divide your time equally, you might not be able to answers all the questions and will lose marks. Don’t spend too less or too much time on a question, spend the correct amount of time so you can attempt all the questions without any hurry. If you are not good at time management, then you should practice it daily while attempting the test at your home. This IELTS Writing practice has proven to be very successful.

5) Fulfill All The Requiements:

Before you start writing the answer to a question, you must understand all the requirements very clearly. Because if you fail to meet all the needs of a question, you will be penalized accordingly. Always make sure to follow this IELTS Writing test tip before answering any questions. No matter how long your answer is, if it is not relevant and not meeting the requirements it’s of no use. That’s why always tick off all the boxes before writing an answer.

6) Planning:

This IELTS Writing test trick is a must if you are expecting to get a 8+ band score. Never start the essay without a plan or structure. Many students tend to write their essays without any plan beforehand, and then they get stuck on halfway through the essay. That is why it is really important for you to make a plan for your essay before writing. A plan makes it easier for you to write your essay and if you are going off the track, the plan will guide you back. Make it a habitual IELTS Writing practice to always come up with a plan before writing anything. This will greatly improve your essay writing.

7) Writing Structure:

Never forget this IELTS Writing test tip if you want to achieve good band score. You should follow the basic structure of writing on the test. The structure is, you should write in paragraphs and don’t make it a mess. Divide your paragraphs equally and each paragraph should have it’s own topic. If you will not follow this structure you will get penalized. That is why it is necessary to follow the writing structure for the IELTS Writing test.

 8) Don’t forget the Conclusion:

You must end your tasks with a conclusion. If there is no conclusion at the end of your writings you will not get marks. Therefore, this IELTS Writing trick is a really important one for you to keep in mind. Many students write a great essay but forget about the conclusion, this results in a penalty by the examiner. Because, the conclusion is just as important as all the other parts of the writing structure. So, you must pay a lot of attention to the conclusion.


These are all the top IELTS Writing test tips and tricks to follow if you want achieve good band score on the IELTS Writing test. Make sure you go through each of the tip thoroughly and engrave it on your mind. These tricks are guaranteed to help you get 8+ band score on the test.