Topics for IELTS Speaking Test

Topics for IELTS Speaking Test

Topic for IELTS Speaking test

Topics for IELTS Speaking Test

This article is all about “Topics for IELTS Speaking Test“.

IELTS Speaking Test is one of the four modules of the IELTS test. There are 3 parts in IELTS Speaking test. IELTS speaking is just like a interview, the examiner will ask you some questions about you and related to your life in speaking part 1, the speaking part 2 is known as cue-card part or long turn part and in speaking part 3, the examiner will ask questions related to speaking part 2.

Format of the Speaking Test:

In the IELTS speaking test, there is an interview between a certified IELTS interviewer and the candidate. The time duration for the whole test is around ten to fifteen minutes. The test starts with the questions related to the candidate life and his/her family. Afterwards, the examiner will give a topic to the candidate to speak for  2 minutes. And in the last part of the test, the examiner will ask questions related to part 2.

Topics for the Speaking Test:

There are some common topics which usually come in the IELTS Speaking test. The most topics for IELTS Speaking Test are:

  1. Family
  2. Hobbies
  3. Sports
  4. Travelling
  5. Studies
  6. Future Plans
  7. Inspirational Person
  8. About a Friend
  9. A memorable incident
  10. Education
  11. Movies
  12. Books
  13. Music
  14. Nature
  15. Health
  16. Food & Diet
  17. Use of Technology
  18. Cultures
  19. Countries
  20. Holidays
  21. Art
  22. Profession
  23. Daily Routine
  24. Language
  25. Recent News
  26. Latest Trends
  27. Zoo
  28. Favorite Pet
  29. Best Friend
  30. Favorite Restaurant


The IELTS speaking test is assessed on the basis of the candidate speaking skills. The interviewer examines how well can the candidate communicate in English language. The examiner also looks for frequency and clarity in speaking. Accent, is not scored. The candidate can speak in any accent as long as it is understandable for the examiner.

For detailed information on the score bands, please visit the IELTS official website.


Behavior is also a very important factor, you should show proper manners to the interviewer. Along with speaking skills, your interacting skills with people are also tested. Therefore, you must be polite and calm.


IELTS Speaking Test is to test your speaking skills in the English language. In order to get good scores on the speaking test, you should practice above-mentioned topics of IELTS Speaking and practice your speaking skills. Talking to yourself in the mirror is very helpful and gives you a boost in confidence. Stick to the topic and be clear while talking to the examiner.