Family – IELTS Speaking Test Topic

Family – IELTS Speaking Test Topic

Family - IELTS Speaking Test Topic
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Family – IELTS Speaking Test Topic

Family – IELTS Speaking Test Topic: One of the most common topics that  examiner asked in IELTS Speaking test is about your family.

In the first part of the IELTS Speaking test, the examiner will ask general questions about your family. This part lasts for around five to six minutes. Some sample questions and answers for this part of the test are:

Q: Tell us something about your family?

A: I come from a small/large family, living in the rural/urban city of India/Pakistan. My father is a manager in state bank, my mother is a house wife, and my sibblings are studying in school.

Q: Do you have a large family or small family? /

Q: How many members are there in your family?

A: I belong to a large/small family. There are six members in my family. We are 2 brothers and 2 sisters and my parents. I am the elder/younger one.

Q: What are you and your siblings currently studying?

A: I just graduated from high school last month. While my brother is in his last year of high school. On the other hand, both of my sisters are in the middle school.

Q: Who is closest to you in your family? /

Q: Do you like your father more or your mother?

A: Its difficult to decide. Everyone is very close to me. I cannot decide, which one I really like more. Honestly, I love them both equally and I cannot imagine my life without either of them.

Q: Do you find your siblings annoying sometimes?

A: Yes, absolutely. Sometimes my siblings are irritating/annoying. They eat all my chocolates without asking me and take my things/stuff all the time.

Q: Do you frequently go out to eat with your family?/ What do you like to do together as a family?

A: We usually go out to eat on every weekend. We always try to eat at new restaurants and try some new and exciting dishes. It is always fun to hangout with my family.

In the IELTS speaking part 2, the interviewer will give you a question and a small peice of paper to make a notes. You need to talk about 1-2 minutes about that topic. Here we are considering that the IELTS speaking topic is “Family“.

So, the sample answer is as below:

I will start with my father. He is a regional manager at a paper supply company and has been working there for many years, 12 to be precise. He constantly wins awards for his great work performance.

However, My mother is a lecturer at the local university in our area. She teaches Sociology and Psychology. She has inspired me to become a psychiatrist in the future.

My younger brother is a student. He is in the last year of high school. He is studying business administrations. While, my sister is married and she is living in Canada.

Above all, I love my grand parents most. They are very close to me. They are very sweet, caring and loving. They loved me most among all my sibblings.

In short, my family is a loving family. We love each other, we fight with each other. We usually go out to hangout. Sometimes my family is annoying but I love them most. I wish, my family will stay with me for forever.

This is the last part of the test. The questions in this part are related to part 2. The questions comes from your answer from part 2. The time duration for this part is around four to five minutes.

Some sample questions for the Family-IELTS Speaking test topic are:

Q: What is the best place you visited on the vacations?

A: We once went to a waterfall with my whole family. The place was really beautiful and the waterfall was just amazing to watch. The whole experience of that trip was really memorable.

Q: How did you celebrate your last birthday with your family?

A: We all went to a fun fair. We went to a lot of rides and we ate all the snacks that was available there. It was one of my best birthdays. We all had an amazing time.

Q: What is the best memory you and your family had?

A: One day, we went to watch a movie with my dad. It was a horror-mystery movie. We both really like this genre in particular, that is why we mostly watch these kind of movies. It was a great movie.

Q: Did you ever get into a big fight with any of your siblings?

A: I once got into a serious fight with my younger brother over a game controller. I wanted to play a game but he was not giving me the game controller. So we both argued and the fight got really intense, until our parents stopped us. We are different in many ways however we still love each other.


Using vocabulary or synonyms of common words can help candidates achieve good scores on the IELTS Speaking test. Below are some of the vocabulary relating to the topic (Family – IELTS Speaking Test Topic), which candidates can use during their test. For instance:

  1. Great grand-father|Great grand-mother
  2. Spouse
  3. Fiance
  4. Relatives
  5. nephew|niece
  6. grandchild|grand son
  7. father-in-law|mother-in-law
  8. step mom|son|father|daughter
  9. Household
  10. Ancestors
  11. Descendants
  12. Step relatives
  13. Kin
  14. Youngsters


In conclusion, practicing some sample topics help you to a great extent. This gives you a confident to perform well on the speaking test day. Family is a relatively easy topic in the exam. You just have to share your family experiences, with fluency and accuracy.