IELTS Reschedule Policy, Refund Policy & Cancel Policy

IELTS Reschedule Policy, Refund Policy & Cancel Policy

IELTS Reschedule Policy, Refund & Cancel Policy

IELTS Policy regarding Reschedule test or Cancel test and Refund test fee:

The IELTS Reschedule Policy, IELTS Refund Policy & IELTS Cancel Policy are described in this article:

IELTS Reschedule Policy:

IELTS reschedule policy is very simple among all different test policies. You can reschedule IELTS Test Date for a different time. Contact IELTS Center local office and submit valid evidence together with the Application form for postponement of scheduled IELTS or sometimes it is called Test Date Transfer form. A valid evidence means your disturbance, for example due to the bereavement of a close family member or trauma etc.


IELTS test centers policy regarding postponement/rescheduling is to apply 5 weeks before the scheduled IELTS date. In many IELTS test centers, it is free if submitted in given time. But there are some IELTS Test centers who charge a 25% of IELTS booking fee as Postponement fee.


Please note, the new test date must be within three months of the original date. In case of medical reasons or other such reasons, the test centers may accept longer date.


You are limited to transfer your test at once. If you obtain a transfer to a new test date (due to any illness) and are ill on the second test date, then you are not entitled to a refund of the test fee, and you cannot further transfer to a new test date.

Unexpected Circumstances:

If there are unexpected circumstances on IELTS test day, such as inclement weather, strikes in the city etc.  The test may be occasionally canceled for such reasons. In either case, test-takers should contact IELTS immediately to confirm cancellation of the current IELTS test date and to know schedule of new date (in these instances, no extra fees will be charged).

IELTS Cancel Policy:

You can cancel IELTS Test by any appropriate reason. Contact IELTS Center local office and submit a valid reason along with Application form for cancellation of IELTS at least five weeks before its commencing date. Submitting the documents in short notice is not guaranteed a refund.

IELTS Refund Fees:

You can get refund of 75% of IELTS booking fee. Test Center local office deducts 25% of the fee as Administrative fee/Cancellation charges. You may get 75% of submitted IELTS test booking fee, if you submit required original documents as proof of your claim along with the Request for Refund/Application form for Cancellation of IELTS before 5 weeks.

In emergency cases such as injury or have fallen ill, you may request for cancellation of scheduled IELTS at least 5 days before the test date. Required documents means, an original medical certificate confirming illness and stating inability to appear for the test on the test date. Most IELTS Test centers accept medical or other documents in English language.

If the application is approved, the test center will refund the amount in the account number mentioned on the application form. Also note, refunds can take three to six weeks to process.


The IELTS test centers do not accept scanned copies of documents sent by email or fax. Sending the documents via courier/post, must be received in the IELTS office within given time of the policy. It is better to visit the local office and submit signed Application form for Postponement/Cancellation and Request for Refund together with original valid documents.


Register the test two months in advance of your preferred test date. In many regions, candidates can easily find a new test date that will accommodate deadlines for university or visa applications or employment situations. Those Test centers administer 2 IELTS programs per month.

Cancellation of IELTS previous score:

There is no cancelation of previous IELTS result. You can use your any IELTS result. You can retake IELTS for a better score as there are no official limits on IELTS test attempts. Generally, universities only care about the highest score you get. This is a different kind of cancellation if you have actually taken the IELTS test.