IELTS Paper Based VS Computer Based

IELTS Paper Based VS Computer Based

IELTS Paper Based VS Computer Based

IELTS Paper Based VS Computer Based

Question is IELTS Paper Based VS Computer Based. Which is better?

There has been an ongoing debate on which module is better and the answer is very simple. Both the modules have their own pros and cons, but they are not that different from one another.


IELTS Paper Based Test is the conventional module of the test. Before the implementation of the IELTS Computer Based Test, students only had one option and that was to take the test on paper. In this format, the students attempt the whole test on a question paper and on an answer sheet. But for the speaking part of the test, students take an interview separately with an interviewer.

On the other hand, IELTS Computer Based Test is the modern form of the test. As mentioned above, this module of test was introduced way after the IELTS Paper Based TestIn this new format, students attempt the whole test on a computer. Both the question paper and the answer sheet is provided to students on the computer. But just like the paper-based test, the students take the IELTS speaking test with an interviewer in a test center, without a computer.

Difficulty Level:

There is a common misconception among students that the difficulty level of both the test modules is different. But, the fact is that both the IELTS Paper Based test and the IELTS Computer Based test are on a same difficulty level. Even the content of both the tests is exactly same.

Even though there is no difference in the difficulty level, students might prefer one module than the other due to their comfort. Many students struggle because of their handwriting, so they opt for the computer-based test to cancel out the effect of their poor hand writing. On the other hand, some students who are not familiar with computers take the paper-based test.

You can take either one of these test modules based on your preference. Keep in mind that there is no difference in difficulty, so choose that test module which you are the most comfortable.


The IELTS Paper Based Test and the IELTS Computer Based test are scored in the same way. There is no difference whatsoever in the markings of each module, contrary to the popular myth. Many students have this misconception that the computer based test is marked leniently than the paper based test. This is absolutely incorrect and biased.

Time Duration:

The time duration for both the IELTS Paper-Based test and the IELTS Computer Based test is exactly the same. That is why students with slow typing speed should opt for the paper-based test. And if you are a slow writer than you should pick the computer-based test. Always pick the test module based on your writing/typing speed.

IELTS Results Duration:

Here comes the part where there is an actual difference between these two test modules. The days of arrival of the IELTS test results is different for each module.

For the IELTS Paper-Based test the result comes out after 13 days of the test.

While for the IELTS Computer-Based test the result comes with in 5 to 7 days after the test.


To conclude, We would say that students should pick the test modules solely based on their preference and comfort level. Another important suggestion for students is to not pay heed to the myths, and instead look up for the facts. Before deciding which test module to choose, students must understand all the similarities and difference between the modules.